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On a hot day, lawns will be 30 degrees cooler than asphalt and 14 degrees cooler than bare soil. The front lawns of eight houses have the cooling effect of about 70 tons of air conditioning.  That’s like running 20 home a/c units – without the electric bill!  

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    •   As a rule, most turf grasses need six or more hours of direct sunlight daily to thrive.

    •   Turf grass plays an important role in capturing rainwater and filtering out impurities

        before returning it to Florida’s aquifers.

    •   Proper blade height while mowing is crucial for the health of your lawn.

    •   It’s not recommended to fertilize your newly-installed lawn and can do more harm than

        good.The difference between Floratam and St. Augustine? Actually, there isn’t any!

        “Floratam” is a cultivar* of St. Augustine grass developed by the University of Florida and

        Texas A&M University and released in 1973 (hence the name:  “Flora” and “TAM”).

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Chinch bugs are found in taller landscape grass and prefer rapidly growing shaded areas with an elevated level of nutrients.  For mole cricket scouting it’s recommended to use lemon liquid JOY® at a rate of two tablespoons per gallon of water drenching a 2 feet x 2 feet area to flush out the populations.  


This method is quite enjoyable as you see them squirm rather quickly to the surface of the turf. Select an area where you still see green grass outside the brown patches and for active tunneling to catch this critter.


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